Table 6.
Table 6.

Means of the Totals Within Groups of Patients and Results of Tests on the Equality of the Means (of the Ranks, Kruskal-Wallis or Wilcoxon Test)

  • a In the case of significant relations, levels with the same format (normal, bold, italics, or underlined) are not statistically different one from another. Instead, levels with different formats are all statistically different one from another.

  • b P value: the null hypothesis is that the means of the ranks are all equal one to another; the alternative hypothesis is that at least 2 means (of ranks) differ.

  • c The group of 8 patients aged 18–25 years and the group of 2 patients who partially paid for the therapy were not considered due to the too low number of patients.

  • d Yes=married, living together; no=single, widowed, or divorced.