Table 1.
Table 1.

Participants' Physical Characteristics Across Gross Motor Classification System (GMFCS) Levelsa

  • a Data presented as mean (standard deviation, 95% confidence interval) unless stated otherwise. zBMI=z scores for BMI, WC=waist circumference (in centimeters), WHtR=waist-height ratio, zSBP=z scores for systolic blood pressure, zDBP=z scores for diastolic blood pressure.

  • b 1 value missing from zSBP and zDBP.

  • c 1 value missing from zSBP and zDBP.

  • d 2 values missing from zSBP, zDBP, WC and WHtR.

  • e Data with a skewed distribution, presented as median (interquartile range, minimum-maximum).