Table 2.
Table 2.

Baseline Characteristics of Participants for Intervention Groupsa

  • a Values are mean (SD) unless stated otherwise.

  • b A comorbidity was defined as any medical condition reported by a participant for which he or she was taking medication.

  • c VAS=visual analog scale (higher values indicate greater levels of heel pain when getting out of bed in the morning).

  • d FHSQ=Foot Health Status Questionnaire (0=“worst foot health,” 100=“best foot health”).

  • e SF-36=36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (0=“worst quality of life,” 100=“best quality of life”).

  • f DASS-21= 21-item short-form Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (higher scores indicate more symptoms).

  • g PAR=Physical Activity Recall Questionnaire (values correspond to total weekly energy expenditure in kcal/kg/wk).