Table 3.

Characteristics of the Included Studies (Reliability and Measurement Error)a

  • a ICF=International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, DMD=Duchenne muscular dystrophy, SB=spina bifida, CP=cerebral palsy, GMFCS=Gross Motor Function Classification System, DS=Down syndrome, DCD=developmental coordination disorder, ABI=acquired brain injury, SMA=spinal muscular atrophy, TD=typical development, DD=developmental delay, COSMIN=COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health status Measurement Instruments, modified COSMIN=COSMIN score without item sample size, ICC=intraclass correlation coefficient, CV%=coefficient of variation percentage, CI=confidence interval, SEM=standard error of measurement, SDC=smallest detectable change, LoA=limits of agreement, nm=not meaningful, SDC (90)=smallest detectable change at 90% confidence level, SDC (95)=smallest detectable change at 95% confidence level, LoA (90)=limits of agreement at 90% confidence level.

  • b See Table 1 footnote for explanation of quality criteria.