Table 1.
Table 1.

Demographic and Professional Characteristics of the Participants

  • a South Africa (n=2).

  • b United Arab Emirates (n=1).

  • c Denmark (n=2), Estonia (n=1), Finland (n=2), Germany (n=6), Ireland (n=5), the Netherlands (n=4), Norway (n=1), Spain (n=3), Sweden (n=7), Switzerland (n=4), Turkey (n=2), and United Kingdom (n=14).

  • d Thailand (n=1).

  • e Argentina (n=1), Brazil (n=1), Canada (n=3), and United States (n=5).

  • f Australia (n=3), China (n=1), New Zealand (n=10), and Singapore (n=1).

  • g Data were from round 1.

  • h 1=low, 5=excellent.

  • i Multiple answers were possible.