Table 3.
Table 3.

Clinimetric Properties of the DEMMI and Validity of the DEMMI at Each Assessmenta

  • a DEMMI=de Morton Mobility Index, T0=time of inclusion in either the intensive care unit (ICU) or the medium ICU (M-ICU), T1=time after discharge from the ICU or M-ICU at the regular hospital ward, CI=confidence interval, Katz ADL=Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living, MMT=manual muscle testing, MRS-SS=Medical Research Council sum-score, APACHE II=Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II, ES=effect size, N/A=not available.

  • b Known-groups validity shown by eta-squared ES values, and P values were used to detect difference in ICU-acquired weakness (ICU-AW) score groups with the various measurements.

  • c Known-groups validity based on the MRC-SS groups: no weakness (48–60 points), significant weakness (36–47 points), severe weakness (<36 points).

  • d Post hoc analysis based on Mann-Whitney U scores with Bonferroni corrections; P values were reported.