Table 2.
Table 2.

Internal Consistency, Reliability, and Measurement Error of the RMDQ and ODI in Head-to-Head Comparison Studies Conducted in Patients With NSLBPa

  • a COSMIN=methodological quality assessment according to the COSMIN checklist, AD=assessment of dimensionality, ICC=intraclass correlation coefficient, SEM=standard error of measurement, SDC=smallest detectable change, NSLBP=nonspecific low back pain, RMDQ=Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire, ODI=Oswestry Disability Index.

  • b Different ICC models were used (ie, Davidson and Keating38: ICC [2,1]; Grotle et al40: ICC [1,1]; Maughan and Lewis43 and Mousavi et al45: not clear which model or formula was used).

  • c Not clear whether SEMconsistency or SEMagreement was used.

  • d Different SDC formulas were used (ie, Davidson and Keating38: √[2×SEM]×1.64; Grotle et al,40 Maughan and Lewis,43 and Monticone et al44: SEM×2.77).

  • e These values are not presented in the review, but we calculated them from the data available.