Table 2.
Table 2.

Distribution of PTs in Sri Lankaa

  • a PT=physical therapist, CCU=critical care unit, missing=0.

  • b Some PTs provided services for more than one CCU category located within the same hospital.

  • c Number of CCUs (extracted from our previous study).10

  • d General CCU–admits all types of patients who are critically ill.

  • e Medical CCU–admits patients who are critically ill due to medical causes.

  • f Specialized CCU–includes cardiothoracic, cardiology, oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, neurotrauma, trauma, and obstetrics CCUs.

  • g Base hospitals are the lowest category of state hospitals with specialist doctors (consultants).

  • h District general hospitals are hospitals that fall between base hospitals and teaching hospitals. These are the largest hospitals in a district, treating all patients in the district before referring to teaching hospitals. These are governed by the central ministry.

  • i Provincial general hospitals are in the same category as district general hospitals; however, the provincial general hospitals are governed by the provincial council.