Table 2.
Table 2.

Modified Quality Indexa

  • a All items, except item 5, were scored 1 for fulfilling the criterion or 0 if the criterion were not filled. Publications that did not provide sufficient details to fulfill the criterion also were given a score of 0 for “unable to be determined,” as per instructions of the original index. Positive and negative agreements indicate level of initial agreement between reviewers prior to the consensus meeting.

  • b Studies had to report the outcome measure in the Method section, including a brief description of how to administer to receive a score of 1.

  • c Studies had to report age, sex, height and weight, or body mass index and severity of all groups to receive a score of 1.

  • d Studies had to report age, sex, body mass index for all groups and radiographic severity for knee osteoarthritis groups to receive full marks; a score of 1 was given if partially reported.

  • e Actual P values (unless <.01) had to be reported to receive a score of 1.