Table 4.
Table 4.

Diagnostic Value (95% Confidence Interval) of “Red Flags” and Other Determinants for Vertebral Fractures (N=33) in Participants Aged >55 Years With Back Pain (N=669)a

  • a Missing values ranged from 0% to 8%. PV+=positive predictive value, PV−=negative predictive value, LR+=positive likelihood ratio, LR−=negative likelihood ratio. Prior probability=.05.

  • b Oral or inhalation corticosteroid use of >90 d.

  • c Measured with the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (range=0–24)24; >17 indicated severe disability.

  • d Included in the model: osteoporosis, age of ≥75 years, trauma, back pain intensity score of ≥7, and thoracic pain. Area under the curve=0.78 (range=0.69–0.87).