Baseline, 1-Year, and 2-Year Values for Study Variables, Organized by ICF Domaina

  • a All values are reported as means (95% confidence intervals) (n=17) unless otherwise indicated. Bold type denotes a statistically significant change (P<.05). ICF=International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health; BS and BF=body structure and function; MDS-UPDRS=Movement Disorder Society–Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (sections II and III); GDS=Geriatric Depression Scale; FGA=Functional Gait Assessment; 10MWT=10-Meter Walk Test; 6MWT=Six-Minute Walk Test; PDQ-39=39-item Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire; LEDD=levodopa equivalent daily dose; SEE=Self-Efficacy for Exercise.

  • b Values represent cumulative changes relative to the baseline and are reported as the mean change (Cohen d [effect size]) for within-subject designs.

  • c Significant change relative to the baseline.

  • d Values are for the dominant arm.

  • e Significant change relative to the 1-year assessment.