Table 1.

Description of Play-Based Assessments Included in This Systematic Reviewa

  • ↵a Some of the tests have 2 references, as 2 papers were published documenting the measurement properties of interest. PBA=Play-Based Assessment; PIECES=Play in Early Childhood Evaluation System; TPBA=Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment; TPBA-2=Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, 2nd edition; EPS-I=Evaluation and Programming System for Infants and Young Children; AEPS=Assessment, Evaluation, and Proramming System, 2nd edition; AEPS:E=Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Eligibility; EMI-IGDI=Early Movement Indicator–Individual Growth and Development Indicators, a general outcome measure of movement; EPSI-IGDI: Early Problem Solving Indicator–Individual Growth and Development Indicators. The EMI-IGDI and EPSI-IGDI are each independent parts of the larger assessment tool, the Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDI).