Table 2

Nutritional Screening: Risk Factors

Nutritional Screening Risk Factor
HistoryCheck (✓) if present
Altered gastrointestinal function (e.g., vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, constipation)
Previous or ongoing medical conditions/disease
Currently receiving medications and/or dietary supplements
Unconventional diet (e.g., raw, homemade, vegetarian, unfamiliar)
Snacks, treats, table food >10% of total calories
Inadequate information about or inappropriate feeding management
Inadequate or inappropriate housing
Physical Examination
Body condition score
5-pt scale: any score other than a 3
9-pt scale: any score less than 4 or greater than 5
Muscle condition score: Mild, moderate or marked muscle wasting
Unintended weight loss of >10%
Dental abnormalities or disease
Poor skin or hair coat
New medical conditions/disease