Table 1

Definitions and Acronyms

Screening evaluation: Initial evaluation performed on all animals.
Extended evaluation: In-depth information-gathering based on issues of concern identified during initial screening.
Iterative process: Each factor is assessed and re-assessed as often as required.
Life stage: Life stages of dogs and cats refer to periods of life that may influence nutritional needs (e.g., growth, reproduction and adult, for which AAFCO provides nutrient profiles).44,45,46
Satisfactory diet: Complete (all nutrients present), balanced (nutrients present in proper proportions), digestible (nutrients in the diet are available to the animal), palatable (eats willingly), sufficient (amount, see text) and safe.
MER: Maintenance energy requirements.
RER: Resting energy requirements.
BW: Body weight.
BCS: Body condition score. An evaluation of body fat.
MCS: Muscle condition score. An evaluation of muscle mass.